Becky Bartlett



Becky Bartlett grew up in Waco, TX and graduated from Baylor University with a bachelor's degree as a Communications Specialist (Double Major: Radio/TV/Film and Speech). She pursued a career in Marketing and became the Marketing Manager for a Financial Company in Arizona and then at a Cable Company in Oklahoma. 

She stepped down to become a stay-at-home mom with her three beautiful daughters. While raising her girls, she started studying martial arts. Eventually becoming a national competitor in Taekwondo, qualifying for State and National Championships. She also became a nationally certified referee, judge, and instructor. 

As life took an unexpected turn, a new skill set and career path were forged. Becky aggressively pursued acting for film and was able to apply her life experiences and creative abilities to give her the head start needed to become a film actress later in life. Becky enjoys the challenge each character brings and thrives on the constant pursuit of learning and improving her techniques. She has studied the classics such as Stanislavski, Chekhov, Meisner, and Adler. She is also enjoying classes from contemporary instructors such as Ivana Chubuck and classes focusing on character development and improvisation. Her goal is to continue commercial and VO work, but to also pursue roles in feature film. 

Becky was nominated as President of Women in Film Arkansas in Aug of 2021 and is enjoying running the nonprofit organization along with her valuable Board of Directors. WIFA offers educational workshops and networking opportunities to women (and men) and encourages the pursuit of careers in all facets of the film industry. 

Becky enjoys exercising, coffee, current events and teaching Sunday School to high school girls. She loves travel and learning about other cultures. She lives in Central AR with her husband, three daughters, three bonus kids, and her German Short-haired Pointer, Zeke.